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Meet the Apostles


TCOR was birthed in the hearts of Apostles David and Wanda Wilkerson in 2002 when the LORD gave them a vision and mandate to form a five-fold ministerial alliance where the people of God would be able to come together and work collectively as an organism and not an organization to enhance and advance the kingdom of God on the earth.


From the day forward until now Apostle David and Wanda have been working as catalysts and trailblazers reaching out to others who are like-minded and believe in the power that lies in unity.

Their task has not been easy but they have been committed and faithful to the call. Today they oversee several ministries and churches. 

About Apostle David Wilkerson

A soldier in more ways than one (2)_edited.png

About Wanda Wilkerson

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Apostle David Wilkerson served as  an Elder in the Church of Restoration until he was promoted to the office of the apostle. Both he and his wife relocated to North Carolina after the Lord spoke to them and told them to relocate.

Apostle Dave is a Viet Nam war hero. He has an awesome testimony of how God delivered him from a 2o year alcohol addiction and healed him from prostate cancer. 

His love for God and the ministry can be in the way that he serves the love. He possesses a strong desire to see the man of God become more active and productive in the things of God. 

Apostle Wanda Wilkerson served as the Senior Pastor of the Church of Restoration Inc, in Bronx, New York before she relocated to North Carolina. 

She has an awesome testimony of how God raised from the dead after being comatose for eight days and being delivered from 14-year drug addiction,

Her love for God and the people of God can be seen in the ways she ministers to the people of God. 

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