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About Our Network

TCOR (The Coalition of Reformers) Apostolic Prophetic Network is an apostolic and prophetic network that consists of churches, ministries and cutting-edge leaders around the world. We  are an apostolic and prophetic network that has been designed to bring supportive strength to existing churches, ministries, and leaders t in covenant and help in building strong churches and leadership teams around the world.


TCOR is a network that is based on relational accountability and commitmentAs an apostolic and prophetic network, it is our goal to see the body of Christ reach a level of maturity where she will be able to do the work that God has called to do.


As the Spirit God is restoring the apostolic and prophetic ministry back into the church and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are being activated within the saints it is important (now more than ever) that leadership and ministries learn to work together through covenant relationship.


The importance of a covenant relationship is imperative at this hour. Unfortunately, many within the body of Christ do not truly understand the significant impact of the synergetic power of a covenant relationship. Whether you are seeking a covenant relationship or spiritual covering, TCOR understands the importance of being covenant relationship with other leaders within the body of Christ and honors it as well.


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