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Benefits of Being Connected


There are multiple benefits to aligning yourself or your ministry with TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network.  These benefits, which will come to you in a variety of deliberate ways, not only bring Kingdom blessing upon you, your family and ministry, but will also ensure the kind of cutting-edge input and Spirit-impartation that is needed to keep your vision focused, your gifts growing and your ministry expanding.


Personal Access 

As a part of the network, you will have access to the lead Apostle and the staff of the network.

Counseling and Biblical Support

God has given Apostle David and Wanda Wilkerson compassion and wisdom to counsel those that they shepherd. TCOR offers regular, personal contact for encouragement and prayer support to those that they cover.


Covenant ConnectionOur network will connect you and your ministry team to others who are like you. In the multitude of counselors there is safety. In addition, we will connect you to like-minded leaders locally and globally.


Equipping and Training

Through educational and training conferences, events and leadership development programs, we will help to equip and strengthen you in the assignment to which God has called you.



By using printed, multi-media products and the Network website, we will keep your ministry informed of current and relevant ministry updates and information.

Covenantal Prayer


TCOR will be in prayer for your family, church, ministry, or network and its assignment in the Kingdom of God.

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