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​And He Gave Some Apostles; And Some, Prophets; And Some, Evangelists; And Some, Evangelists; And Some Pastors And Teachers; For The Perfecting Of The Saints, For The Work Of The Ministry, For The Edifying of The Body Of The Saints, Till We All Come Into The Unity of The Faith, And Of The Knowledge of the Son of God

TCOR (The Coalition of Reformers) Apostolic Prophetic Network is an apostolic and prophetic network that consists of churches, ministries and cutting edge leaders around the world. TCOR is an apostolic and prophetic network that has been designed to bring supportive strength to existing churches, ministries and leaders t in covenant and help in building strong churches and leadership teams around the world. TCOR is a network that is based on relational accountability and commitmentAs an apostolic and prophetic ministry, it is our goal to see the body of Christ reach a level of maturity where she will able to do the work that God has called to do.

As your apostolic covering Apostles David and Wilkerson believe that God has given each leader a vision concerning the ministry He has made them a steward. They believe that their apostolic oversight with you should consist of a biblical, spiritual, accountable and relationship.

. Please submit the following items with your application:



  • Completed application form with recent photo

  • A minimum of two ministry references

Apostles David and Wanda understand the importance of being apostolic coverings. If you decide under the covering of TCOR than their mission as your apostolic will be:


  • To provide avenues for the teaching and imparting of present truth revelation, through facilitating and coordinating conferences and gatherings, and apostolic roundtables.

  • To be an apostolic resource center for the distribution of present truth books, audio/ video materials, web based and social media resources and other material that will inspire, equip, train, and help maintain soundness of the apostolic doctrine.

  • To provide covering, counsel, apostolic oversight, and accountability relationships for like-minded leaders and ministers that God is bringing into a covenant relationship with Apostles David and Wanda Wilkerson and other apostolic leaders in the network.

  • To develop strong partnerships, and interactive alliances amongst ministries, that will produce powerful synergy.

  • To allow, mature apostles to raise up sons and daughters in their own  ministry  

  • To encourage and help equip women in ministry to develop their calling and be all that God has called them to be.

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