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To become affiliated with TCOR (whether through becoming a covenant partner or coming under the covering of TCOR) does not mean that you conform your local fellowship church or ministry to be a replica.  TCOR recognizes and respects the fact that God has given each leader his/her own vision for the ministry of which God has made them a steward.


Today many leaders understand the importance of covenant relationships. They have a desire to come together and network so that they can develop relationships.  These relationships are based on accountability, commitment, and respect, along with quality resources from established ministries with a history of fruitfulness.

To our covenant partners, we provide spiritual covering and accountability to all who come under our apostolic covering.

TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network offers two levels of comment. One is for those who do not have a local assembly where they serve as the set man or woman. The other is for those who serve in leadership in a local assembly


Level One

The first level of commitment allows all who do not have a church (but are in ministry) to partner with us in a covenant relationship under an apostolic covering. Those who desire to enter into this covenant agreement will be required to sow a monthly seed of $50.00.


Level Two.

The second level of commitment is designed for leaders of a local church (or ministry) who would like for Apostles David and Wanda Wilkerson to become their apostolic covering. Those who would like to have Apostles David and Wanda as their apostolic covering are required to tithe monthly. Whether you are under the 1st level of commitment or the 2nd level of commitment, TCOR  is here for you.

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