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TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network


In 2004, the LORD gave Apostles David and Wanda Wilkerson a vision and mandate by God to form an apostolic and prophetic alliance where the people of God will be able to come together and work collectively as an organism and not an organization to enhance and advance the kingdom of God on the earth. 

Apostle Wanda Wilkerson is the Founder and President of TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network. She is the Senior Pastor of TCOR Apostolic International Ministries and President and president of TCOR Bible Institute.. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Apostle David is the Co-Founder of TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network and serves together with Apostle Wanda Wilkerson as the Apostolic covering for TCOR Apostolic International Ministries.

God has no doubt put  them into the kingdom for such a time as this!

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Our Vision

The vision of TCOR is to allow leadership to come together by way of covenant agreement for the sole purpose of being strengthened by each other as they go forth to fulfill the mandate that God has given them to go forth and enlarge His kingdom on the earth.

Our  Mission

TCOR has been commissioned by God to raise up and/or support end-time leaders that will go outside the perimeters of the church world to affect the world for Jesus Christ.


Become Part of  TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network

To become a part of TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network there are two levels of relationship offered. Each level carries with it opportunities and expectations. 

First Level

The first level of relationship is Ministerial License. This level of involvement is designed for those who are actively involved in ministry and are showing proof of the call of God on their lives. TCOR provides general oversight, accountability, and responsibility to the Licensure Candidate.) The minimum financial commitment for Licensure Candidates is $50.00 per month.

Second Level

The second level is to come under TCOR's covering as an affirmed Apostle or Prophet.   TCOR will provide direct oversight, covering, and accountability for you and your church/ministry once you have received written confirmation of your into the network.  TCOR requires to tithe to the Network either from their personal salary or from their ministry.

Registration Application and Fee 

As a covenant partner of TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a partner with an end-time cutting-edge ministry that is raising up a generation of reformers to affect the world for Christ.


To become a covenant on the level that best benefits please download the application to and send your $50.00 nonrefundable application fee (press buy now link).  Once we have received your application and fee someone from our administrative office will get back to you in four to six weeks. 

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