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.Welcome to TCOR (TThe Coalliton of Reformers) Website. We are so glad that the Spirit of the Lord has led you to this website. TCOR  is an apostolic and prophetic miniatry  that t believes that God is restoring the five-fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) as well as the power gifts (healing, deliverance, casting out demons) back into His Church.

TCOR is not just another organization we are an apostolic army that God has placed on the earth to extend the borders of His kingdom on the earth.  

TCOR is composed of various leaders, churches and ministries. of each person understandsthe importance of covenant connection. Apostles David and Wanda Wilker serve as the "apostolic covering' of TCOR.  They also share oversight of TCOR Apostolic Prophetic Network and TCOR Apostolic International Ministries. 

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